In 2017 in “the MIKRON Experimental Design Bureau” it was decided to build a full-scale test site, where pilot tests of new types of mine transport will be carried out. And already in 2020, the test site was put into operation onto the new production site of “the MIKRON Experimental Design Bureau”.

  The test site includes 300 meters of railway track and a 250 kW DC catenary. In the future the test site will be equipped with a chamber for the installation of unload stations, a chamber for testing loading facilities, an assembly site and a complex of auxiliary facilities and equipment. 

  The equipment of the test site will allow to carry out tests of rail mine transport in manual, semi-automatic and automatic modes. After commissioning the rail transport produced by the company will be tested in live action at the test site. It will improve the quality of products.

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Length of the rail track

166 m;

Width of the working track

 600 mm; 750 mm; 900 mm;

Pitch of the rail track supports

 500 mm;

Length of the rail track supports

2 000 mm;

Pitch of the contact network supports onto straight sections

5 000 mm;

Pitch of the contact network supports on turn

3 000 mm;

Rail fastening