• Mine rail transport
    Mine rail transport

    Freight trolleys for various unloading methods, special trolleys for transporting various cargoes, industrial gases, liquids, materials and personnel in mines, self-propelled rail equipment, unloading stations, spare parts.

  • Custom-made products
    Custom-made products

    Non-standard components and assemblies, equipment spare parts, products developed according to the customer's specifications, products within the framework of the import substitution program, unique large-sized parts.

  • Non-ferrous metals
    Non-ferrous metals

    Parts and equipment manufactured by machining or welding methods from various metals, including titanium, copper, duralumin, bronze, corrosion-resistant steels, including bimetallic products.

  • Special reduction gears
    Special reduction gears

    Complete gearboxes with non-standard characteristics, spare parts for gearboxes of various types including in-line, planetary, bevel, worm and combined gearboxes with all types of gearing. Sprockets, chains and complete chain drives of various types.

  • Industrial automation
    Industrial automation

    Complex automatic lines for the production of various operations, including means of transportation and packaging, units and assemblies of automatic and semi-automatic equipment for performing batch operations. Manufacturing of industrial containers.

  • Beneficiation equipment plant
    Beneficiation equipment plant

    Equipment for processing plants, large-sized parts and spare parts for various processing equipment, including those according to the customer's specifications.

  • Special metal structures
    Special metal structures

    Large-sized welded metal structures for various purposes with increased requirements for the geometric characteristics and quality of welded joints, including those made of difficult-to-weld steels with thermal stabilization and machining

  • Shaft hoisting machines
    Shaft hoisting machines


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