Various gearboxes and multipliers of traditional and original schemes are manufactured to fulfill technical tasks according to our own projects and customer assignments. During development, all types of calculations are made, including resource calculations. Housings of gearboxes and multipliers can be made of cast or welded technology.

The technological capabilities of our company allow us to produce spur and worm gearboxes of various designs, including planetary gears with satellites mounted on elastic axles.

The geometrical parameters of gears for serial non-standard gearboxes are constantly increasing due to the introduction of new pieces of equipment.

The company plans to master the production of gear wheels with a diameter of up to 16,000 mm within the next three years.

The equipment used in the production of special gearboxes includes gear hobbing, gear shaping, gear shaping and gear grinding machines, multi-axis machining centers, jig boring, jig grinding, circular and surface grinders of domestic, Swiss, Japanese and German production.