OKB MIKRON production is ready for serial production of sanitary wagons

New carriages were manufactured for the transportation of victims and their attendants along horizontal mine workings at the Mayak mine and other mines in Norilsk. The modern railcars were awaited as a breath of air - they replaced worn-out equipment and improved passenger comfort.

The first product, number VGS-01, left the assembly shop at the end of April. Due to the peculiarities of the design it took almost a month to assemble. Today four such cars are ready.

Externally, the car is similar to our passenger car, consisting of a welded body and suspension, equipped with shock-absorbing elements, which significantly increase the smoothness of travel. The saloon is equipped with a pull-out table for portable stretchers, soft seats with folding backrests, parking brake, a device for signaling the driver, lighting system and natural air ventilation. There are also drawers and shelves for medical kit, medicines and medical equipment. At the ends of the carriage there are sliding windows closed with roller shutters, by means of which the table with stretcher is rolled out for simplified transportation of the victim.

The difficulty of manufacturing consisted in the fact that the sanitary wagon by its dimensions does not pass through the cargo pole from the surface of the ground to the mine. Engineers of the enterprise came up with the idea to make the wagon collapsible, dividing it into two parts. Before the descent the carriage is disassembled and then reassembled. Here in the mine the first aid is rendered to the injured person.