This trolley tipper is designed to provide open-side dump in mines by lifting and turning trolleys into the position that ensures complete unloading of the transported cargo at the tipper level.

  The tipper is an electromechanic device which consists of fixed and movable metal structures.

  The main elements of the tipper are a frame (fixed base) and a housing with the transmission line (movable frame). 

  This trolley is unloaded by lifting it along the tipper tracks and then its next tipping over (overturning). 

  Vibro-hammers installed on the movable frame are used to clean the remains of the unloaded cargo (materials). The trolley is placed and fixed in the tipper by means of centering units.

  The centering units abut against the wheelset tires by means of cams, centering the trolley relative to the movable frame and fixing it from displacement. Also, mechanical stops and locks are used to fix the trolley. 


Unit weight (without remote control)

 20 740 kg

Power supply voltage, 3 phases, 50Hz

 5.3 V

Number of simultaneously unloaded trolleys

1 pc

Type of unloaded trolleys

FT-5M (FT-4,5)  - 750mm

Height at maximum lift of the trolley

5 420 mm

Weight of the lifting part with a loaded trolley

21 500 kg

Main drive power

 22 kW

Maximum density of the unloaded bulk material

 2,700 kg/m3

Remote control
Turning time of the tipper platform

1 min

Nominal rating power of the device is

25.5 kW

Overall dimensions:
Length over buffers

 4 585 mm


 4 255 mm

Height from rail head level

4 624 mm