This contact electric locomotive K-17M is designed for transporting train sets through underground mine workings. The contact electric locomotive K-17M is in-depth modernization of a widespread mine electric locomotive K-14.

  During the modernization these aspects were realized:

  • increase in tractive and braking effort by 20% due to increase in the engine power and the total weight of the electric locomotive from 14 to 17 tons;
  • modular construction of power equipment with the possibility of the active replacement of power electrical modules;
  • two separate power supply channels. The operation of 1 engine is possible). In case of breakdown the electric locomotive will be able to get to the electric locomotive depot on its own to eliminate failure);
  • autonomous standby power supply is realized on supercapacitors. If the current lifter hits the junction of the contact wire line the electric locomotive will continue moving. And an additional hookup of wires is not required for entry and exit from the depot; 
  • an on-board computer with a recorder of operating conditions allows you to get exact information about the operating modes and time of the electric locomotive;
  • remote control and electronic security system


Electric locomotive weight

17 tons

Design speed

26 km / h

Wheelset track width

750 mm

Rigid wheel base

1 700 mm

Coupling type

sectional (link), rotating

Tractive power

30, 5 kN

Overall dimensions:
Length over buffers

5 200 mm


 1 350 mm

Height from rail head level

1 670 mm