The railway track repair machine (RTRM) is designed for mechanized straightening of railway tracks, lifting assembled rails and sleepers onto ballast and lining (sealing) railway sleepers laid on wooden and reinforced concrete sleepers with rails of all types and any ballast, slope finishing of the ballast section, and also it allows to make a small shift in the raised track.

  The machine is mounted on a welded load frame of a box-type structure made of low-alloy structural steel, which allows to take up the loads taking place during an operation.

  This machine is equipped with two cabs (an operator-oriented cab and a passenger-oriented cab). Both cabs are equipped with security systems. They meet all modern requirements.

  The cab doors are equipped with locks and the system which prohibit the start of moving when one of the doors is not closed. 

  LED headlights of mine design are provided to illuminate the path of motion,

  The machine is driven by a unique driven reduction gearbox which was developed by the engineers of our company. It will help to work from both a hydraulic motor and an electric drive.

  The motion control of the RTRM is carried out by joysticks and a pedal with the ability to move at low speeds and reverses. A set of hydraulic joysticks is provided to control the working elements.

  Also, a dashboard has been developed where control buttons for make-up systems are displayed, as well as monitors of the on-board computer and video surveillance cameras for the system operation. 

  The machine is equipped with the necessary track tools for active debugging and repair of a railway track.

  The development was carried out in accordance with the technical requirements of the specialists of the Kola Mining and Metallurgical Combine.


Balancing capacity

58 p. m/h

Number of passengers

2 people

Wheelset track width

750 mm

Weight per track (width – 750 mm)

15 tons

Coupling type

automatic; willison

Overall dimensions:
Length over buffers

6 200 mm


1 475 mm

Height from rail head level

 1 670 mm