This anode transfer trolley is a self-propelled platform for transporting racks with anodes along the rail track with a current conductor running along it.

  The running system is based on an electrified four-axis two-cart platform with a central low-profile closed-section spine. Both wheeled carts of the platform are driven. 

  The connection of the transport platform area is carried out through a closed-type pivoting support device.

  The wheelsets of the driven trolley are rigid, the drive of the driving wheelset is carried out through a cylindrical multiple-reduction gear unit.

  The trolley is equipped with a rigid-type hitch mechanism and can be operated as a part of several units. Each module is equipped with removable slinging devices.

  Asynchronous three-phase electric motors of general industrial use with power supply through smooth start, installed directly on the trolley frame, are used as an electric drive. Power supply is carried out through a current collector. Remote or fully automatic control. 

  The electrical equipment on the platform is protected from moisture and has an IP 67 protection class.


Load capacity

16 tons

Wheelset track width

750 mm; 900 mm

The drive for clamping the wheels of the take-off assembly



5 tons

Overall dimensions:
Length over buffers

5 080 mm


1 200 mm

Height from rail head level

835 mm