The platform is designed for the transportation of rolled sections and sheet metal. Maximum dimensions of transported cargo: long products up to 4 meters long, sheets with overall dimensions of 3500 * 3500 mm.

  The platform is a welded metal structure consisting of the platform where two lodgments are located to place sheet metal and long products.

  The platform has got a box-shaped frame made of low-alloy steel reinforced with stiffeners and equipped with clamps to ensure the immobility of the transported cargo.

  The frame is supported by wheelsets by means of supports attached to the lower part of the platform.

  The platform is equipped with a modernized closed-type wheelset with increased hardness of the rolling surface of the wheels.

  Rubber-metal buffer provides smooth movement and easy replacement of the damping element.


Load capacity

4 tons

Overall dimensions of cargo along the length

3500 mm

Wheelset track width

750 mm


5, 97 tons

Coupling type


Overall dimensions:
Length over buffers

3950 mm


1350 mm

Height from rail head level

1410 mm