The platform for the transportation of oversized cargo is designed for the transportation of oversized long-length cargo up to 12 meters long.

  The platform consists of two welded metal structures consisting of platforms with folding racks interconnected by a rigid hitch.

  The platform racks have an ability to rotate around an axis, allowing a long load to be transported through turns. When folded, the racks form one plane with the platform frame which allows this car to be used as a conventional platform.

  To ensure fixation of the transported cargo on the racks slinging holes are provided.

  The trolley is equipped with a modernized closed-type wheelset with increased hardness of the rolling surface of the wheels.


Load capacity

8 tons

Overall dimensions of cargo along the length

12 000 mm

Wheelset track width

750 mm


3,8 tons

Coupling type

sectional, (link)

Overall dimensions:
Length over buffers

8 600 mm


1340 mm

Height from rail head level

1315 mm