The transport platform without boards is designed for the transportation of various non-bulk goods, as well as for assembly and repair work of special equipment.

The transport platform is a welded metal structure consisting of a platform without sides.

Made of low-alloy steel sheet and stiffeners.

The absence of sides allows you to place cargo, the dimensions of which protrude beyond the platform area, provided that it fits into the section of the transport mine.

The transport platform is supported by wheel sets by means of supports attached to the bottom of the platform.

The trolley is equipped with a modernized wheelset of a closed type and with an increased hardness of the rolling surface of the wheels.

The rubber-metal buffer provides smooth movement and easy replacement of the damping element.

Additional slinging loops are provided to secure the load on the platform. The used system of folding brackets allows you to securely fix the load.


Maximum loading capacity

12 t

Rigid wheel base

1 250 mm

Wheelset track width

750 or 900 mm


wheelset track 750: 1.9 t

wheelset track 900: 2.0 t

Hitch type

link rotating

Hitch traction load

100 kN

Length over buffers

3 950 mm


1 350 mm

Height from the railhead level

580 mm