Mine trolley with bottom unloading is intended for transportation of rock mass with bulk density up to 2.5 t / m³.

The design of the trolley provides for continuous flow loading by overlapping the distance between the trolleys, the canopy and unloading at a specialized station. In this case, the upper box of the trolley passes the station in a straight line along the rollers.

The bottom opens to allow the rock to empty into the unloading hopper.

The trolley is equipped with modernized wheelsets with increased dust and moisture protection.

All wheels (including the fifth wheel) have their own bearings, which improves the stability of the trolley and reduces wear on the rails. The box and the bottom of the trolley have a box-like structure to increase rigidity and are lined with armor made of wear-resistant material to increase the service life of the trolley.

The trolleys are equipped with a Willison coupler compatible automatic coupler.


Body cubic capacity

5.3 m3

Maximum loading capacity

15.9 t

Wheelset track width

750 mm


5.5 t

Hitch type


Hitch traction load

100 kN

Length over buffers

2 000 mm


1 680 mm

Height from the railhead level

1 680 mm