«OKB MIKRON» in cooperation with SMNU «Tsvetmetnaladka» JSC (Ekaterinburg) has developed braking systems for mine hoisting machines, which are analogs of foreign products of this type.

Let out production is made under the trade mark «MiC».

At present time we carry out industrial tests of the first samples of slides with clamping force up to 89 700 N.  The prototype with the clamping force up to 164,000 N is scheduled to be tested by the end of 2022.

«OKB MIKRON» and SMNU «Tsvetmetnaladka» accept applications for the development and production of brake hydraulic systems to complete mine hoisting machines in accordance with the technical specification of the customer.

The main parameters of the MiC project:

- Comprehensive supply of braking systems of Russian production on the program of import substitution;

- Manufacturing of up to 300 sets of slides with supports and high-strength fasteners per year;

- Commissioning of up to 10 slides per year;

- Technical support and delivery of spare parts;

- Development of braking systems according to customer requirements.

- SMNU «Tsvetmetnaladka» JSC has developed, produces and successfully operates at Russian enterprises a hydraulic brake control station for mine hoisting machines – «STORM».

  • Category Shaft hoisting machines



BSFG 408

Clamping force

min 80 100 N

Clamping force

max 89 700 N

Braking force

64 000 N

Loss of force, per 1mm

6 %

Operating pressure

14.5 MPa

Balancing pressure

10,74 MPa

Brake pad surface pressure

1,42 N