The specialists of «OKB MICRON» have passed the first stage of the federal labor productivity improvement program and lean manufacturing

For three months, the specialists of «OKB MICRON» have been working to improve the quality of improving labor productivity at the plant. The diagnostic stage has been completed, during which observations and analysis have been carried out, problems have been identified, and improvement measures have been planned. Their implementation has been launched since October. We remind you that the goals of the plant are ambitious. By January 2023, it is planned to increase production, reduce work-in-progress and process time, and establish communication.

We are glad to inform you that the results are already there. So, the time spent working with documents has been reduced. Now, when issuing inventory items from the warehouse, the heads of the workshops themselves sign all the expenditure documents without interrupting the masters from production. Communication has also been established between staff and managers to solve current problems, order and cleanliness are observed in the workplace.

On October 19, the company assessed the progress on the implementation of the action plan. The FCC auditors came to see how we mastered the tools of lean manufacturing. The results of our work were rated at 13 points, whereas at the initial stage, 9 are a good indicator. The auditors noted the care of the staff, spoke positively about the household premises, the organization of workplaces.