For the Terus project, the Electroregion company produced a new mock-up of the TVG FVTS-35 complex.

For many years, Elektroregion, a member of the Kanex Group, has been working with «OKB MIKRON» to implement complex projects for the mining and metallurgical industries, as well as in the machine tool and light industries. In addition, the company is engaged in plastic and non-ferrous metal modeling.

Therefore, one of the tasks of Elektroregion as part of the Terus project was to produce a mock-up of our wind turbine. An up-to-date version was required, as the current model had already been in use at various exhibitions for several years, and its appearance was obsolete. Before manufacturing we made a detailed technical specification, taking into account the experience of operating the product (multiple transportation and assembly-disassembly). Since January 2022 painstaking work was carried out on every detail of the mock-up. Its production was our partners in priority since the mock-up is a business card of the «Terus».

A scaled-down replica of a 200 kW wind turbine consists of all the equipment necessary for the functioning of the complex a thermal energy storage device and an engineering unit. Rotor blade speed corresponds to the speed of the real wind turbine - 30 rpm.
The mockup was planned to be exhibited at the Arctic Forum in St. Petersburg, but due to the cancellation of the event, the presentation had to be temporarily postponed. The plan is to demonstrate a prototype of the first unit at the plant's site on Machine Builder's Day (this very modification is being prepared for production and installation).