At the plant «OKB MIKRON» held a meeting on «Working under sanction pressure and import substitution» with the Deputy Minister of Industry, Energy and Housing of Krasnoyarsk Krai Chernov V.V. and Deputy of the State Duma Drozdov A.S.

In the course of the meeting General Director Salov D. A. gave the guests a tour of the production shops, discussing with them the development of our company, as well as the project "TERUS", whose interests can be represented in the Duma and later serve as an impetus for the development of industry in the Krasnoyarsk region. 

Analyzing production capacities of our company we paid attention to the issues of interaction between government and business in our country and krai and production of unique large-sized items. During the visit to the workshop K-1 on the machining center Heavycut the huge rotary platform of excavator ESh-10/70 for "SUEK" was machining, which impressed the guests. 

At the end of the meeting we came to the conclusion that taking into account the growth of need for import substitution the interest to the capabilities of our enterprise is steadily growing. We are actively working on the development of the product range and expanding the geography of our products in the country.

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