«OKB MICRON» has sent the first batch of flotation equipment to the customer

The production of the first batch of suction blocks for the Ridder GOK of the Kazzinc company has been successfully completed at our enterprise. The block is one of the main units of the flotation equipment, which is designed to transfer torque from the electric motor to the impeller of the flotation machine. 

The production of the products was started last autumn. In the process, an alternative technology was developed to reduce the cost of mixing devices, during which we decided to minimize the use in the production of cast blanks. The traditional cast construction in products of this type is replaced by welded and combined versions. 

At the moment we are working on five types of mixing devices. 40 units of the first type have already been shipped to the customer. The volume of production of such products will constantly increase and in accordance with the development plan over the next 3-5 years may amount to 100 units per month.

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