Metalcutting Machines, a company specializing in the overhaul and modernization of metalworking equipment, has begun work on a new long-term project.

In December last year, «Metal Cutting Machines» signed a contract for the repair of a large longitudinal milling machine for the Nizhny Tagil «Uralvagonzavod». In the same month, the dismantling of the equipment began, and in February the machine was dismantled and delivered to our plant in the K-6 building.

Having our own production facilities and equipment, we have outlined a work plan for the year. Under the leadership of Vladimir Matonin, General Director of Metal Cutting Machines, craftsmen from the overhaul and equipment modernization department will begin work in March: they will repair the mechanical and hydraulic parts of the machine, as well as pneumatics. To grind the guides of the machine table, made by the components, the 3D725 surface grinding machine available in the warehouse will be launched. In the future, it will remain in the technological chain of OKB MICRON and will replace the less modern 3B724 standing in K-1.

Working with electrical equipment will be a partner of Metal Cutting Machines - Guide-Modern LLC, a company from Kazan, engaged in the repair and restoration of control systems. After the repair, the machine will go home, where it will be assembled by joint efforts.