A boring mobile machine was repaired at OKB MICRON

In September, our company began to fulfill an order for the modernization of the SRA-180 machine ("Lightning-200") for the Krasnoyarsk hydroelectric power station. Due to the lack of a working stroke, the machine refused to fulfill its mission - the joint processing of holes in the flange connection of the turbine shaft with the impeller for the installation of fitting bolts. Our designers together with the foremen of the welding workshop undertook to “revive” the machine.

As part of the modernization and repair, they completely dismantled the machine, manufactured a spindle assembly, in the design of which the main changes were the transition from a sliding friction scheme to a rolling friction scheme when moving the quill, as well as an increase in the maximum reach by 300 mm.

In addition, the designers designed and manufactured a special test bench, on which they assembled the machine, and then carried out demonstration tests for customers in December last year.
In February, after several successful tests, the machine was dismantled, packed and sent to the customer.