OKB MIKRON started new long-term projects

In October, the company received three machines from ChTPZ (Chelyabinsk Tube Rolling Plant) - pipe cutting machines 9D157 No. 6 for modernization and a heavy 1A670 turning and screw-cutting machine for overhaul. At the home enterprise the machines were engaged in cutting pipes of various diameters for the defense industry and other equally important purposes.

Having their own production facilities and equipment, our colleagues have outlined a plan of works until the summer of the next year. The works started under the guidance of Vladimir Matonin, General Director of "Metal Cutting Machine Tools", and masters of the department of modernization and overhaul and equipment. It is necessary to defect the speed box, manufacture new parts and assemblies, replace the hydraulic power plant and the main motor, transfer the hydraulic drive to the "screw-nut" transmission (screw mechanical transmission that converts rotary motion into translational motion or vice versa).