Our colleagues Ivan Tislenko and Ilya Lichadeev took part in the VI International Conference «Development of Renewable Energy Sources and Low-carbon Energy in the Russian Far East».

On September 29-30, Ivan Tislenko, General Director of Teplovetrovye Technologies LLC, and Ilya Lichadeev, a design engineer, presented the project of the teplovetrogeneration complex at an international conference in Yakutsk. This event plays an important role in the development of the renewable energy industry and the implementation of small nuclear power projects in the region, allowing participants to establish business contacts and exchange up-to-date information about support tools, technical solutions and industry initiatives.

The latest scientific and military projects were presented at the conference, including our unique TVG development. Important topics were discussed at the round table. For example, today, within the framework of state programs for the socio-economic development of the Far East, advanced modernization of the energy infrastructure of the territories is required to provide them with reliable energy supply using modern renewable energy technologies.

These include various energy storage, automation and control systems, power plants based on local fuels, including biofuels, combined heat and electricity generation power plants. Ivan Tislenko, presenting TVG, focused on solving problems such as logistics costs, low wind potential of remote areas of the country and localization of production. After the speech of the head of our project, many participants of the conference turned to him for contacts.

Separately, it is worth noting conversations with the General director of JSC  «Teploenergoservice» Maxim Trofimov. He knows the technical, financial and other aspects of working in the field of wind energy and has shown a sincere interest in our technology. 

Viktor Murzintsev, General Director of Southern Electric Networks of Kamchatka, is also among those interested in Terus. In his area of responsibility there are two wind farms with a folding wind generator with a capacity of 275 kW and other wind turbines of Japanese production that operate in  "hard" disadvantages. According to Maxim, the equipment is working fine, the only drawback is the very high cost. He and his colleague were imbued with the ideas and technical solutions embedded in our project. 
We managed to meet and talk again with Maxim Gubanov, Head of the Energy and Housing and Utilities Department of the Industry Expertise Department of JSC Corporation for the Development of the Far East and the Arctic. Our project is well known to him. He asked about the state of affairs and gave several recommendations that can help in the development of the project.