At the beginning of February, our factory completed work on the order of JSC "MHC "Eurochem": to restore the copra sheave for Eurochem-UKK, to manufacture it for EuroChem-VolgaKaliy.

When restoring the sheave for Eurochem-Usolsky Potash Plant LLC, we made shafts and a hoop, performed mechanical processing of the groove for a rope with a diameter of 70 mm on Heavycut-5,3. A 17-ton product with a diameter of more than six meters was sent to the Perm Region.

The sheave for the Volgograd asset "Eurochem" is almost 8 times smaller: it weighs only 2.2 tons, and its diameter is a little over 2 meters. The product was manufactured and shipped to the industrial site of the Gremyachinsky GOK.

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