Managers of a number of structural subdivisions of our company underwent three days of training with Ivan Sidorov, a trainer from the Federal Competence Center (FCC).

The training took place as part of the national project «Labor Productivity and Employment Support», in which «OKB MIKRON» participates. The program is designed for three years.
The working group included 16 employees responsible for the development of different areas of the enterprise. They identified priority tasks of the plant, such as increasing labor productivity, reducing production time and improving production time reduction and product quality improvement. 

Participants of the working group also studied the basics of production analysis and determined the pilot direction of the  «Increase of labor productivity in the production of one unit of product». The next step, scheduled for August, is to analyze all flow processes, master optimization tools, and map the flow of value creation. After that losses at specific production areas will be uncovered, and it will be possible to eliminate them with the help of lean production tools. As part of the national project, several employees of the company will undergo in-depth training and become trainers. In the future, they will be able to optimize the entire work process at OKB MIKRON, including the offices, with absentee support from the FCK within three years. They will evaluate the processes duration, defect levels, equipment efficiency. The enterprise will be able to continuously transform production to reduce losses. By the third year of the project By the third year of the project, it is planned to have trained at least 80 of its staff by the third year of the project. The result of joint with the FCC should result in a 5% increase in labor productivity. labor produccvity by 5% annually.