OKB MIKRON has completed production of the first passenger wagon VPG-12.

July began at our plant with the rhythmic tapping of wagon wheels - passenger carriage No. 1 arrived at the site for testing of mining equipment, ready to comfortably transport employees of Yakovlevsky GOK of Severstal mining company from the mine stand to the place of work.  

This is the first carriage of this type manufactured at our enterprise. The vehicle differs from other "OKB MIKRON" trolleys in its design features. It consists of a welded body, independent suspension with coupled shock-absorbing elements providing smooth running and passenger comfort. The saloon is equipped with soft seats and noise and vibration insulating materials, which also increase the comfort of travel. According to the designers' idea, the brake should perform the controlled function of keeping the cars in a stationary state or their forced stop in case of the electric locomotive brake system failure. The machine is equipped with special signal flags to notify mine personnel of the parking brake position. 

Having carefully considered passenger safety measures, "OKB MIKRON" designers have developed a system of natural air ventilation with pre-installed filtering elements that help to reduce the concentration of harmful substances in the cabin when traveling through the mine. In addition, the product is equipped with a special buffer coupling made for this type of carriage, which allows the train to pass turns with a radius of up to 15 meters.

The VPG-12 is not only technically improved, but also presented in a "debut" color scheme. The car is painted in blue and white colors used as standard for all passenger cars. But it happened at the final stage of works. At first, "OKB MIKRON" specialists welded the frame, manufactured the running gear, doors, inner and outer skin, installed the braking system. After completion of welding works and machining of all parts, the carriage went to the assembly shop, and then - to testing. After that, final changes were made in the design of the car, and at the end of the month it went to the customer.