Results of professional skills competition Best OKB MIKRON Welder 2020, first in our history. Over two months, experts in this field fought to be titled the best, strongest and skillful and now it is time to summarize and congratulate the winners. But let us carry on with the intrigue for a while and bring up the challenges our welders had to undergo.

The competition started in July and most welders of OKB MIKRON expressed their intention to take part in it. Such interest was caused both by sports excitement and a considerable prize fund, as well as the opportunity to get new experience. Tricky questions, original tasks and error analysis, all this contributes to professional growth and makes a person look at their regular work from a different perspective.

The first challenge for the participants was a test of theoretic knowledge. To pass it, the specialists in semi-automatic and argon arc welding, accustomed to work in the workshop, had to go back to classroom. Participants who succeeded in the test, returned to the workshop to compete in skills and knowledge of technical standards and safety instructions.

 "Before the competition, we set several tasks," said Andrey Glushach, Chief Welder of OKB MIKRON, "which covered the improvement of workers training, professional skills excellence and interest in the chosen occupation. In the end, we were satisfied with the results. Our welders showed a fairly high level, getting through each stage of the competition with dignity. Further, I would like to mention young specialists who, despite limited experience, managed to outpace welders with impressive experience."

Mr. Glushach also emphasized that professional skills competition helped to identify the weaknesses of our specialists. The management is now planning to attract external experts who will help welders to catch up with their theoretical knowledge, get them acquainted with innovations and new standards.

So, it is time to proceed to the results of our competition. Then and there, in the Best OKB MIKRON Welder 2020, Valeriy Shvaryov won in the nomination of Semi-automatic Welding. As for him, welding is a creative activity of sorts. He has been being engaged in it for eight years, but it is the first time for him to participate in the professional skills competition. The second place went to Aleksey Kazanin. The third place in the competition was won by Anton Dmitriev. Pavel Shevelyov and Aleksey Konkov remained just a step away from the prize.

In the Argon Arc Welding nomination the best result was shown by Alexey Plisov. He has been working with OKB MIKRON since 2018 and during this time, he has proven himself to be a competent and skillful specialist. Anatoly Pistsov was the second prize winner. Valery Bochkarev rose to the third step of the victory podium of the Best Welders contest. 

Competition leaders were awarded money certificates. The winners received a prize of 30 thousand rubles, and the owners of the second and third places got 20 and 10 thousand, respectively.

We congratulate our champions and thank all participants of the competition for worthy rivalry and fair contest!