OKB MIKRON contemplated education of the rising generation and created a newspaper for the youngsters, i.e. children and grandchildren of the company's employees. Publication of the first children's corporate media called Mikrosha is timed to the Mechanical Engineer Day, a professional holiday.

The newspaper is published on eight pages and has a broad target audience outreach – from kids who only learn to hold a pencil in their hands to schoolchildren who can read and count. On the pages, small discoveries and exciting stories await young readers, and everyone will find a task they like. The publication contains puzzles and logical rebuses, tasks to train mindfulness and develop unconventional way of thinking, coloring games and entertaining stories.

Above all, kids will learn better what their parents are doing since the publication will intelligibly tell about the professions and heroes of the plant, technologies and manufacturing processes and much more. This way, the company's management hopes to grow a future generation of employees, as one can only grow to like an occupation and get sincerely fascinated with it, provided that they know and understand it well.