A new VM-4.0 mine car, developed and manufactured by OKB MIKRON (part of the KANEX group), is intended specifically for the transportation of explosive materials.

The new model of special-purposed mine cars is marked by special design features. The car body consists of a steel frame plated with 8 to 14 mm steel sheets. Inner surfaces are lined with wooden board treated with fire-proof composition. Outer roof and side wall surfaces are lined with urea resin characterized by high elasticity and considerable hardness at the same time, as well as high dielectric features.

These characteristics allow transporting explosives and articles made therefrom (explosion cartridges, shaped, perforated and other specific charges, flameless charges) along horizontal mine workings from the loading points to the place of blasting at mines of ferrous and non-ferrous metallurgy, at enterprises of chemical industry.

The new VM-4.0 mine car has already been operated at the facilities of our customers. Thus, to the address of Norilsk Nickel MMC, 28 special-purpose mine cars for explosives were shipped to the mines, with capacity of 12 t, payload volume of 3 m3, track gauge of 750 mm. The customer has been provided with all technical documentation required to operate the mine cars.