Construction works continue at the site of the OKB MIKRON heavy engineering complex. The floor and walls pouring in the administration and amenity complex has been completed. Over the entire pouring time, 1,137 m3 of concrete and about 50 tonnes of reinforcement were used. Also, two teams of concrete workers were involved to accelerate the process. The total fill time was 70 hours.

A circular track has been closed at the ground for mining equipment testing and a radial rail with a gauge of 750 mm is being laid. The frame of the cabin substation is ready for the testing ground, plans for December imply its panelling, installation of electrical equipment and launch.

The process of laying the power cable to provide electricity is ongoing. At the moment, 5.5 km have been laid.

In K-1, the reinforcement of the conveyor gallery and the installation of the annex building partition began. In an open warehouse, a gantry crane has been painted, which will be used for load-moving. Work is undertaken to reinforce the gallery section from K-2 to the boiler facility.

Works continue on building the junction to the federal highway. The acceleration road lane is 60% ready. In early November, 1,500 m3 of crushed stone were laid and compacted. Construction of the foundation for the 04 kV electrical substation is ongoing, and today, pile footing and concrete bedding have been poured.