In 2017, a new model of a tipping device was developed by specialists of OKB Mikron (part of the KANEX Group).

The product cost amounted to 23.9 million rubles.

The model appeared as a result of the improvement of the earlier wagon tipper and is designed to unload mine cars of VG-4,5 type by lifting and turning-over, ensuring their contents is poured out. In terms of operation mode, the wagon tipper is unique. The model consists of two main elements, i.e. a frame and a transmission body (mobile platform). The frame serves as a support for moving of the mobile platform and consists of a bearing frame, a base and tracks. The bearing frame takes on all the load when a full mine car is lifted on the movable platform. The foundation is a base for all car tipper elements, also serving as the platform for a car to drive in. Tracks are the guide ways along which the movable platform rises and descends. The mobile platform serves as a movable bowl in which a loaded car is installed.

Various equipment is used in the mine car tipper, i.e. geared motors, reduction gears and operator cabinets. The equipment mentioned above is used for fixing the mine car, lifting the movable platform, dumping and controlling the unloading operation.

On 9 November 2017, the first delivery of products took place. The car tipper has been launched in the mine; its commissioning is scheduled for February-March 2018. The car tipper is in operation at the largest Oktyabrsky mine of the Norilsk Nickel Mining and Metallurgical Company OJSC at a depth of 800 m beneath the surface.

The company is planning to replace old car tippers at other mines too.