Krasnoyarsk machine builders took part in the turbine equipment repair at TETs-2 thermal power plant of the Siberian power-producing company. During the overhaul of the turbine-generator set No. 4 of the Krasnoyarsk TETs-2 thermal power plant, energy specialists turned to machine builders for assistance.

After aligning the shaft line, specialists faced the necessity to machine the generator exciter frame. The exciter frame was sent to OKB MIKRON. The work was carried out in a new K-1 building on the five-axis SCHARMANN HEAVYCUT 5.3 machining centre. Thanks to the well-coordinated actions of the joint team of MIKRON and Krasnoyarsk TETs-2 thermal power plant, the task was completed in the shortest time possible. And it means no disruption is expected in the heating season that has begun!