Work on the creation of a heat and power generation complex continues. Engineers of the "TheRUS" company together with partners move step by step towards the goal and solve the assigned tasks.

Thus, the licensed calculation program ANSYS was purchased. Specialized software (SW) calculates with high accuracy how a particular structure behaves in wind currents. The first to be tested will be the aerodynamic characteristics of the windmill mast. The program will also help, if necessary, make adjustments to the design solutions for the construction of the foundation of the wind turbine. The materials that will be used to ensure the declared characteristics have already been determined: fiberglass composites and stainless steel. With the help of the software, it will be possible to simulate the real conditions in which the materials will have to work.

The work on the creation of the test stand is not stopped. This is a technically sophisticated piece of equipment at the intersection of mechanics and thermodynamics. A generator will be tested on it, which will subsequently be installed on a wind turbine. Parts of the generator and rotor are already being processed. Ryazan colleagues from "Electroregion" are working out the technology of making coils, installing magnets. The stand control system is close to completion.


ANSYS is a universal finite element analysis software system that has been developing over the past 30 years. Today, ANSYS solutions cover almost all segments of the engineering industry: from heavy engineering, defense industry and aerospace engineering to microelectronics, medicine and software testing simulators.

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