Mikron celebrates its professional holiday hand-in-hand and on a massive scale. It has already become a good tradition for the whole team to visit the site of the plant under construction. Last year, special tents were set up for these purposes, while in 2016 Mechanical Engineers Day was held in K-1 building that had already been erected.

The holiday began with greetings from the management. Dmitry Salov, Chief Technology Officer, spoke about the company's milestones, prospects and development plans, as well as about the plant construction. Then everyone present enjoyed a performance of Vasily Kobzarev, a famous accordionist.

Later, the employees were congratulated. Each one of them was personally called to the stage to receive souvenirs from the company. The employees particularly distinguished by their performance over the past year were awarded diplomas and valuable gifts. In addition, seven OKB Mikron employees were honored with certificates of appreciation and letters of recongnition from the Governor of the Krasnoyarsk Territory.

During the celebrations, special attention was paid to young personnel because the future of the company and the whole industry belongs to them. The youngest employees got souvenirs with the OKB Mikron logo and sincere wishes of professional success. One more specific corporate reason for pride was mentioned – the employees whose whole families work with the OKB Mikron team. They were awarded the Family Contract medals and memorable gifts.

Two weeks prior to the celebrations, a children drawing contest was announced, called The Plant My Parents Build. A small exhibition was held in the workshop, compiled of the drawings the kids submitted, and all participants were awarded prizes.

The holiday culminated with a cake, quite fittingly. It was not a simple one, however, but a huge delicious cake shaped as the OKB Mikron logo in corporate blue. The holiday was a success. Much is planned for the future and we have a lot of work ahead of us. New results and new victories will be celebrated in 2017, during the next Mechanical Engineer Day.