On the eve of the May holidays, the employees of OKB MIKRON took part in the cleanup of the Solnechny microdistrict.
The construction of Solnechnoye began 40 years ago. According to the project, it was supposed to become a city of mechanical engineers with a population of 120 thousand people. But instead of a satellite town, Solnechny was transformed into a cozy neighborhood. Almost half of the staff of our enterprise lives here. And we, as the successors of the machine-building dynasty of the Krasnoyarsk Territory, enthusiastically help it to transform.
This time the center of attention was the "Solnechny" stele, which we had previously been engaged in landscaping. After the winter, she needed an update: freshen the paint, clear the surrounding area of ​​debris, cut trees and shrubs. Together with activists from other enterprises in Krasnoyarsk, the Mikron'ists quickly completed the work.
Our company's public initiatives do not end there. Spring has just come in the region, which means there is a series of new clean-ups ahead, planting trees and interesting environmental events, in which the OKB MIKRON team plans to take part.