At the construction site of the future centre for heavy engineering, stages of mining equipment manufacturing, engineering discoveries of experts, a space effective enterprise concept and even more, were in the focus of the Ministry head. The excursion for Yevgeny Afanasyev was conducted by Dmitry Salov, OKB MIKRON CEO, Sergey Trifonov, Retail Director, and Ivan Tislenko, CEO of Wind&Heat Technologies LLC.

This is the first visit of the minister to the enterprise. The interest in visiting the industrial site was provoked by the project of the TeRUS wind-heat power generation complex, which was presented at the Siberian Energy Forum in December 2020. At the moment, our plant is the only one in the region that implements the idea of ​generating and accumulating energy at temperatures down to -70 degrees.

"The OKB MIKRON production capabilities are relevant for the industry development. Companies will be able to purchase and maintain the necessary equipment within the Territory. The implementation of the wind-heat power generation complex is of particular significance. Provided that test results are positive and batch production is launched, these complexes can be considered for placement in remote settlements of northern latitudes. Currently, the ministry is actively working on assessment of the territories potential in terms of introducing renewable energy sources and reducing the cost of energy generation," said Minister Yevgeny Afanasyev in a conversation.

The Minister was also impressed by our complex being under construction. Unique heavy and super-heavy equipment, a modern approach to production, new technologies and high quality products, all of this helps the Krasnoyarsk Territory to revive the machine-building industry.