In March, in the framework of the 16th Krasnoyarsk Economic Forum, the company introduced a unique project of a wind-thermal power generator. The presented complex aroused keen interest of the participants, and its implementation perspective was widely discussed with representatives of territorial entities of the Russian regions.

For the first time, the development of the OKB MIKRON engineers was announced last year at the anniversary 15th KEF. Over the past year, the company has submitted documents to register a land plot for the construction of the wind-heat power generation complex (next to the plant which is to become the first consumer of thermal energy), began invention patenting and developed a project calendar. According to it, the prototype launch of the wind-thermal power plant in test operation will take place in 2021, and the first batch-manufactured models (from small ones with a capacity of 200 kW to large ones with a capacity of up to 4000 kW) will have become available for order by 2023.

"The plant can supply heat to both industrial enterprises and entire settlements at a steady pace up to 10 days even in windless weather, by accumulating heat in a special storage unit," Dmitry Salov, CEO, described the advantages of the wind-thermal power plant at the forum. "The main economic effect of the facility is its lower cost compared to the existing sources of alternative energy. It does not require networks for its construction and therefore can be used in remote and inaccessible areas."

A stand dedicated to the innovative development of OKB MIKRON aroused great interest among guests and participants of the economic forum. However, the most important result was a discussion with regional representatives on the possible placement of wind-thermal power plants in territorial entities. Among the first to be interested in the project were the delegations of the Republic of Tuva, Khabarovsk and Krasnoyarsk Territories.