OKB MIKRON has been engaged in mine transport manufacturing for seven years. Along the way, due to superb quality, engineering discoveries and sophisticated technological infrastructure, our products have confirmed their competitiveness and relevance. The OKB MIKRON mine cars are actively operated in many regions of Russia.

Today, we are glad to share wonderful news: our mining equipment will now be produced under its own brand with the MiRT logo. The company had been heading in this direction for several years, carefully developing a branding strategy.

MiRT is an abbreviation made from the first syllable of the company name (MIKRON) and the capital letters of the area of activity (mine transport, as read in Russian). Moreover, its name pronunciation in Russian reminds of a myrtle, an evergreen plant that has been a symbol of harmony and success since ancient times. We are confident that with the new name, the OKB MIKRON products will continue to gain customer recognition and increase both our and our partners' successful performance.

As part of brand development, the quality, equipment improvement and use of modern technologies remain a priority. Manufacturing freight and special-purpose mine cars, the company's engineers, as before, focus on the needs of customers, complementing orders with their own inventions.

The MiRT proper name of mine transport will be placed on all mine cars, wagons and conveyor platforms manufactured by our industrial facility.
In the near future, the next batch is expected to be shipped. This time it will have a new logo.