New equipment arrived at the Severny mine of Kolskaya Mining and Metallurgical Company (Kolskaya GMK), represented by the modern VDR-5,3M-750 bottom dump mine cars in the amount of 12 items. They will be used for rock transportation in mining operations. The equipment has already started operating underground. The manufacturer is OKB Mikron (Mikron Experimental Design Bureau), part of the KANEX group.

The VDR-5,3M-750 bottom dump mine car is a result of modernization of a foreign model within the framework of the company's import substitution programme. In the course of modernization, the load-carrying structure of the front wall has been modified, a closed transverse beam has been introduced and the structural integrity has increased thrice.

The wheel set design has been changed. The new wheels have independent bearing axles and removable treads. As a result, the operating life of wheel flanges has increased. Domestically manufactured bearings have been applied. Thus, the bearing replacement costs have been reduced by 3 times. The modified car body shape makes it possible to exclude spilling of rock onto the coupling device.
The cost of the modernized car is 30% lower compared to the original car manufactured abroad.

Currently, another 25 mine cars of VDR-5,3M-750 type are being prepared for delivery.