A real gift for the OKB MIKRON men was the all-Russian tournament of the SibirProm-2019 Cup, dedicated to the Defender's Day. 24 football teams from different Russian cities contested for victory at the Yenisei Football Arena.

Before the start, players were encouraged by the words of a special guest of tournament, Vladimir Beschastnykh, the Soviet and Russian football player. He wished the participants insistence in achieving the goal, fair and passionate competition on the field.

Based on the drawing results, the OKB MIKRON team got into Group B and held matches with the teams, such as Krasnoyarsk NIPIneft, INK Servis, Rusal (Achinsk), and met with the KZSK team in the silver playoff.

The OKB MIKRON staff came to support their colleagues at the tournament. They enthusiastically cheered up the players throughout the games with loud applause and chants, worried about each goal and pass in the field. The energetic behavior of friendly fans was even awarded a special prize, the Best Cheering Team Cup.

For our football team, participation in the tournament was a debut. Despite the fact that the rivals were very strong, the OKB MIKRON team fought with dignity and demonstrated high-quality play, cohesion, a serious attitude and a will to win. Even if we did not become prize-winners, every sportsman got great pleasure from the game and enjoyed an excellent company!
Looking forward, there are trainings and new attempts to conquer sports heights!