Viktor Tolokonsky, head of the region, arrived to check out the plant construction progress. He carefully examined the workshop and noted that such works were essential for the regional economy, primarily due to raising the innovative production culture to a new level. The OKB Mikron plant will be the first heavy mechanical engineering enterprise in the Krasnoyarsk Territory over the last decade.

In his interview with the Yenisei regional television channel, Dmitry Salov, OKB Mikron Chief Technology Officer, talked about the construction process. "Production efficiency will be higher than that of the restricted-access giant, Krastyazhmash [Krasnoyarsk Heavy Engineering Plant]. I would like, after a while, to see an enterprise here that people would feel like coming back to. In a year and a half, about 250 people will be employed and 50–60 equipment units, including unique ones, will operate here."

Following the results of the construction site visit, Governor Viktor Tolokonsky emphasized the importance of training qualified personnel for such high-tech production, i.e. engineers, designers, operators of complex equipment. Cooperation with the regional educational institutions will be established, contracts will be concluded with colleges and universities. "Without such manufacturing facilities, it is impossible to become a leader in such an innovative policy, science, education, and production culture," the Governor said.