At the construction site of the industrial complex, soil was excavated from the checkpoint basement in the amount of 1,300 m3. The technology was developed and first applied at OKB MIKRON. This allowed to reduce the cost of building and covering the basement by one million rubles. The traditional technology implied a formwork to be built with a large number of adjustable height supports, the installation and disassembly of which is a labor-intensive process. According to the method developed by our specialists, the basement premise is covered with dry sand and compacted using a vibratory roller. After concrete pouring and hardening, the sand was removed using a loader.

Work is underway on the reinforcing and concreting of the gallery connecting the administration and amenity building and K-6.

Thermal envelope of the lower ground floor of the administration and amenity building has partly been completed for internal finishing of the module.

The Ecocut machine roof installation for temporary placement of lathes is finished.

Gas storage tanks are filled with sand.