The OKB MIKRON construction site was visited by Aleksandr Uss, Interim Governor of the Krasnoyarsk Territory, Yury Lapshin, acting as Chairman of the Government, and Anatoliy Tsykalov, Minister of Industry, Energy and Trade of the Krasnoyarsk Territory.

A tour across the plant was organised by Dmitry Salov, CEO of the company, together with Aleksandr Kantsurov, Chairman of the Board of the KANEX group.
It all began with the acquaintance with the general appearance of the centre for heavy engineering under construction. Guests were shown a layout of the future complex with entire production cycle depicted in miniature. After that, the delegation moved to the industrial site, housing the future Titan machine, the main object worth seeing. It will be applied to manufacture blade wheels of hydroturbines, the largest parts in mechanical engineering in terms of weight and volume.

Next, guests examined K-1 engineering building where the HEAVYCUT–5,3 machine for high-precision cutting of large blanks had recently been launched. Special attention was paid to mine cars for transporting minerals. The plant's designers have upgraded standard equipment, and now, maintaining size dimension, it is capable of transporting a larger load volume, which will allow mining enterprises to boost their production performance.

At the end of the visit, the delegation visited the ground under construction for testing mine cars and electric locomotives. A primary electrification circuit has recently been formed there and an annular rail track gauge with a length of 300 m and a width of 0.75 m began to function. In the future, two more lines with a width of 0.6 m and 0.9 m, with a 250 kW DC contact grid will be put into operation. The testing ground is planned to be equipped with platforms for handling stations and auxiliary rooms.

Having inspected the plant, Alexandr Uss highly appreciated its manufacturing potential. "The company produces equipment that can compete with modern foreign analogues, and with those produced in Soviet times," said Alexandr Uss.

Finally, a project of a new wind-heat power generation complex, aimed to provide remote settlements with thermal energy, was introduced to the head of the region by Dmitry Salov. Alexandr Uss gave a positive assessment of the project, emphasizing its importance for the northern territories, where the energy cost is very high.

Saying goodbye, the acting Governor of the Krasnoyarsk Territory emphasized that he was satisfied with what he had seen, and wished the plant workers further success.