The Moscow exhibition was attended by the OKB MICRON team of seven people, including the technical director of the company Vadim Bormotov and the general director of OOO Teplovetrovye tekhnologii Ivan Tislenko.

We have talked about the importance of such events more than once. Each exhibition allows you to keep abreast of the latest developments, study the market and develop cooperation with the best representatives of their industry. This time our engineers got acquainted with modern metalworking equipment.

This year the exhibition was attended by 790 exhibitors from 30 countries of the world. National expositions were presented by firms from Belarus, Germany, Czech Republic, Switzerland. In order to have time to inspect all the exhibition equipment, our team was divided into groups. Thanks to this approach, specialists visited most of the pavilions during the day, got to know manufacturers and suppliers better, exchanged business contacts.
For example, our team was interested in the equipment for welding fasteners, offered by the Kontur group of companies, which can be used in the implementation of the TVG project. The Alliance company also attracted attention. The company cooperates with Korean colleagues who are engaged in the design of workshops with production automation.

Also at the exhibition there was a meeting with representatives of the Japanese company Makino. There were enough topics for discussion: the work of a five-coordinate processing center, continued cooperation and future contracts.