• Turning process

    Machining of cylindrical, end, conical, stepped and cammed surfaces of parts with diameters up to 630 mm, length up to 2,000 mm and weight up to 2,000 kg using the CNC system.

  • Milling process

    machining (of various complexity) of parts made of steel, cast iron, hard-to-machine and non-ferrous metals with weight up to 400 kg and dimensions of 1,600х400. Machining of horizontal, vertical, profiled and inclined surfaces, milling of slots and grooves.

  • Boring process

    Machining of holes up to 250 mm with accurate positioning of axes and prefinishing and finishing contour milling of complex parts with weight up to 600 kg on the working surface of a 1,120х630 mm table with numerous steps.

  • Drilling process

    Drilling of holes with diameters up to 80 mm in parts with dimensions up to 1,022х2,555. Portable equipment allows to perform operations on sites where dismounting is impossible.

  • Gear machining

    High-performance cutting of straight and helical teeth of cylindrical gear wheels with external and internal toothing. Cutting of teeth up to the 8th module with external diameters up to 500 mm.

  • Grinding process

    Grinding of surfaces of various parts with threshold sizes of the processed surface of 1,000х320х400 mm and weight up to 600 kg. Possibility to machine surfaces positioned at 90° to the table surface.

  • Electroerosion machining

    Machining of parts with weight up to 600 kg with electroerosion piercing equipment with working table sizes of 320х500 mm.

  • Thread-rolling process

    Production of various profiles with diameters up to 70 mm: precision mounting, trapezoidal and other threads, grooving types; running-in (calibration) of cylindrical and spherical bodies by plastic working (rolling).