• Mechanical assembly

    Performing various assembly and assembly operations including hot and cold pressing of shafts and bearings. Carrying out control assemblies of large-sized products.

  • Installation of electrical equipment

    Installation of electrical cabinet equipment, high-voltage and low-voltage electrical circuits, installation and adjustment of measuring equipment, testing and commissioning.

  • Installation of hydraulic equipment

    Installation and pressure testing of hydraulic lines, installation and adjustment of hydraulic equipment, flushing of hydraulic systems, hydraulic testing of equipment

  • Blast cleaning

    Preparation of surfaces for subsequent painting and conservation in closed and open working chambers using various abrasive materials.

  • Coloration

    Application of various types of coatings, single-component and multicomponent compositions on the surface of products, followed by drying at temperatures up to 50 degrees Celsius.

  • Packaging

    Packaging and preservation of products and mechanisms. Production of various types of containers for the transportation of products by all types of transport.

  • Installation supervision

    Maintenance of assembly and commissioning of products and complexes, training of the customer's personnel in the operation and maintenance of equipment.