• Casting and forgings production

    To meet the production needs for foundry and forged billets, the external cooperation department cooperates with a large number of foundries and forging plants throughout the country.

    Depending on the tasks set, we purchase castings from cast iron, steel or non-ferrous metals made using various foundry technologies, such as:

    • ASG (sandy-clay casting);
    • LVM or LGM (investment casting or gasification casting);
    • Centrifugal electroslag casting and others.
    • Forged blanks are also purchased based on the production needs.

    Types of purchased forgings:

    • Shafts of round, square and rectangular cross-section;
    • Solid discs and discs with a hole;
    • Stepped shafts;
    • Rolling rings;
    • Stamped blanks and more.
  • Nonmetals

    Within the scope of order picking and internal needs of the enterprise, the external cooperation department cooperates with enterprises that produce products from various types of raw materials. Products are purchased from glass, rubber, plastic, wood, ceramics and other materials.

  • Electroplating

    Depending on the requirements for the operational characteristics of the manufactured parts, the external cooperation department cooperates with enterprises specializing in the application of special coatings:

    • protective - used to protect against corrosion of parts in various aggressive environments;
    • protective and decorative, used for decorative finishing of parts with simultaneous protection against corrosion;
    • special, used to impart special properties to the surface of parts (wear resistance, solderability, hardness, insulating, magnetic properties), to restore worn parts or to protect the base metal from special environments.
  • Laboratory research

    The Department of External Cooperation has established interaction with certified research and production laboratories, the purpose of such interaction is:

    • research and testing of materials, welded joints, fittings, pipes, sheets, wire, steel ropes, etc .;
    • determination of the chemical composition of materials;
    • physical and mechanical tests at operating and room temperatures.