Chlorine gas is dosed by the chlorinator, dissolved by the injector and fed into the reaction tower. The concentration of the solution is determined by the dose supplied by the chlorinator and the amount of service water flowing through the injector, measured by the flow meter located in front of it. Optimal operation of the injector requires a stable water pressure (usually 4-7 bar) and, in case of insufficient pressure, a booster pump must be installed to supply the unit.

The material: Titanium VT1-0-40 GOST 23755-75.

  • Category Titanium



185 kg


2 863 mm

Big diameter

600 mm

Small diameter

435 mm

Chlorine (gas) intake quantity

720 kph

Initial chlorine pressure

0.1 MPa

Final chlorine pressure 0.15 MPa

0.15 MPa