The toothed ring gear of the excavator ESh-10/70 is one of the main power units of the swing mechanism. Method of attachment to the support base is mechanical.

The Material: Gear modules are made of steel 40 ХН, casing is made of steel 35.

Advantages of the toothed ring:

Increase of service life by 30-50% in relation to the original cast design of the tooth gear, is achieved by using a forged billet as a material.  Volumetric hardening of gear modules provides high hardness of tooth material, it is technically impossible to obtain the same indicators on a cast product.

Reducing the cost of each subsequent gear repair due to the lower cost of a set of modules compared with the cost of a cast gear. Total weight of 24 modules in one repair set is 5,316 kg.

Decrease in cost for each subsequent repair of a ring gear by eliminating the need to dismantle a support base and reboring a ring gear.

Modules replacement is made with the help of locksmith's tool using standard excavator lifting equipment.

Weight of one module is 221 kg.

  • Category GEAR RIMS


The Module


Number of teeth


Profile angle


Offset coefficient


Accuracy degree of GOST 1643-81


Constant tooth chord


Height to the constant chord

16,418 m

Diameter pitch

6912 m


11741 kg

Number of sectors


Number of interchangeable modules